Dr. Manmohan singh the former PM of India was generalised to be silent and non talkative but the data doesn’t say so. He is one of the Prime-ministers who has delivered at least 2 speeches in a week during his tenure of 10 years i.e. 2004–2014, This is brief analysis done on Mr. Singh which reveals that he was an able Prime Minister and has always talked in almost all the matters nationally or internationally, So it wouldn’t be fair to call him a silent Prime Minister Atleast the data doesn’t say so. There’s no denying the fact that he will go down in history as the prime minister who has most changed the rhetoric around development in India. No one can deny what he has done for the country by putting the aam aadmi, the proverbial common man of India, at the center of the political economy of development

He has travelled almost the entire length and breadth of the country and has visited all the countries which has a good releations with India.Dr. Singh has always represented India in all the platforms and has shown his excellence in all the international forums and conferences.

His government chose a rights-based approach to development over the well-trodden welfare approach. All major development policies adopted by the ruling party over its nine-year run thus far have been directed by such rights. Some of the Great Initiatives started by Dr. Singh

  • GDP growth rate from 8% to hat-trick of 9% for three years in row
  • SEZ Act, 2005.
  • NREGA, 2006 — The Rural job gurantee
  • RTI Act, 2005
  • Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan:
  • Modernization of Mumbai and Delhi Airport, 2007
  • Mobile Penetration in India.
  • JNNURM, 2005
  • Expansion of Education

No. of Speeches: 1401

Top 5 cities where speeches are delivered?

Speech Count Month-wise Data

Speech Count last tenure

Visits Outside New-Delhi

State Visits
Maharashta 37
Andhra Pradesh 30
Assam 23
Uttar Pradesh 20
Tamil Nadu 16
Punjab 15
J&K 15
West Beng 13
Kerala 13
Rajasthan 11
Haryana 10
Gujarat 9
Karnatak 7
Madhya Pradesh 5
Bih 4
Manipur 4
Chhattisgarh 4
Chandigarh 3
Uttaranch 3
Jharkhand 3
Arunachal Pradesh 3
Uttarakhand 3
Himachal Pradesh 3
Mizoram 2
Oriss 2
Kerala & Tamilnad 1
Jaip 1
Kolkat 1
Kokrajhar, Assam 1
galand and Meghalay 1
Che 1
Kochi, Ke 1
Bhubaneshw 1
mil Nadu & Ke 1
Goa 1
Assam & Meghalay 1
Srinag 1
Jaipur, Rajasth 1
Puducherry 1
A&N Islands 1
Sikkim 1

States with Maximum Visits